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“My (enter the person’s role here) just had a baby, what should I bring to the babyshower?” This is a question we get a lot as a baby shop. When our own son Samuel was born, we were extremely happy about all the lovely and heartful packages that he received, there was so much love, care and thoughtfulness in them. Even though the baby cannot really value the present yet, believe us,  mom and dad will be happy about any practical present or a thing which carries a beautiful emotional message.

We strongly believe that if you are searching for a present for a newborn, you ask yourself what’s the perfect baby shower gift or wonder what to buy for a baptism or Christmas then the safe bet is to choose a practical present. As parents we have chosen all the products in Baby Shop Fridulin personally during the journey of our son’s growth, noticing more and more what are the things a baby needs in his first year. Based on this we have put together a “Gift Set for a Newborn”. It includes:

  1.  one soft and very practical muslin blanket which can be used as a swaddle blanket, as a light cover in the stroller, as a bath towel, play mat etc. Fridulin muslin blankets are handmade with lots of love and care and offer the little human ultimate security and feeling of safety.
  2.  a set of 2 BIBS pacifiers that is a great tool to satisfy the natural need to suck for babies as well as to sooth them when dealing with all the new is becoming too overwhelming (and it will, quite often even!)
  3.  A handmade pacifier clip to make sure the pacifiers stay clean and always close by 
  4. Little Star” from Latvian family company ULECEkids. This “Little Sar” contains grape seeds and when warming it up and placing it on the babies tummy, it relaxes the cramps and aching stomach. This natural remedy for infant colics is a wisdom from our grandmothers who used mainly cherry pit bags to help our moms through the painful colic period. ULECEkids uses only 100% organic materials and all their products are handmade in Jelgava, Latvia.

Gift Set for a newborn


The Gift Set For Newborn is available HERE.

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