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Fridulin Muslin blankets are made of 100% oeko-tex cotton, they are extremely soft (and get softer with every wash!) and most importantly they are designed and handmade in Latvia. This helps us to ensure the highest quality for your little one and make products that we use for our own baby. 

We used muslin blankets and napkins from the day Sam was born. Actually, as a very naturally very warm baby, the first 3 days in the hospital he was without clothes, wearing only Bamboolik Cloth Diapers, wrapped in a muslin Swaddle blanket. When I, as a new mom, wanted to have a little longer nap, I put him skin-to-skin on my chest and covered him with his still beloved Lama muslin blanket.

Fridulin Muslin Swaddle Blanket Lama


Muslin Swaddles come with many wonderful benefits.

SWADDLING. An “old” wisdom that becomes more popular again as new parents understand its benefit – the newborn baby is used to a tight environment and it makes the little angel feel like back in the safest place – moms womb. The beauty of swaddling a baby is in its simplicity. If you have muslin and two loving hands, you can’t go wrong. See a swaddling step by step guide here:


BLANKET. Fridulin Muslin Blankets are made of 100% cotton which makes them soft and light. It is a perfect blanket from lateSpring until early Autumn when going out on a little walk with the stroller. Babies (and not just them) like to sleep covered, regardless of the weather, and when covered with a light Muslin Blanket, there’s no risk of overheating. Again – we always had one Muslin Blanket covering Sam in the stroller and always 2 in the Stroller bag if we wanted to do a spontaneous picnic in one of the many parks in Riga.

Fridulin Muslin Swaddle Blanket Cream

TOWEL FOR MOMS. Okay, this is a point for all moms, so dads can skip this paragraph. After giving birth our bodies have just undergone the most significant and beautiful transformation one can ever experience. It means for us that after a battle within ourselves, after being pure, in touch with our deepest roots and emotions, after being a WOMAN in its best possible meaning, we are rewarded with meeting for the first time the life we have been carrying under our chest for 9 months. Looking into the eyes of this little miracle is probably a moment – regardless of how hard was the labor – no mom will ever forget. The birth, the absolute wonder of Mother Earth, is energy-consuming and in many cases exhausting and makes our body sensitive for some time. For me personally, it was impossible to use a flannel towel for many weeks as it felt like sandpaper against my body. On top of that, milk-producing breasts might be a little infected and rubbing with a “normal” bath towel does no good. I had a muslin blanket always available for me after a shower. The absorbency of the cotton is amazing and its softness cuddles your body like a soft cloud.

TOWEL / WIPE FOR BABY.  You will be doing a lot of wiping once your little one is born. You will wipe, well, pretty much all the time! Your newborn’s cute little mouth that leaked a little bit of milk at the corner or while your precious little one is falling asleep in a milk coma… You are spit on your chest, on your shoulder, on the bed…again and again you see yourself wiping… And you do that with lots of love in your heart.  Entering the teething phase, your wiping frequency will quadruple up, so enjoy the beginning as much as you can 🙂

UNIVERSAL MAT. For laying on, or as a changing mat cover or use it as a playmat.

Fridulin Muslin Swaddle Blanket Light Mint

COMFORTER: many babies love the texture of muslin cloth, rubbing it against their faces as a soother. And you can save many tantrums by having a stack of spares for when one needs a wash, gets left behind, eaten by the dog…

PEEK-A-BOO: careful once you start this game, you need to be prepared for the long-haul…

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